Jon Hamm

Could you see Jon Hamm on Dawson’s Creek? Neither could he nor anyone else in the youth obsessed Hollywood of the 80s when he drove to LA with $150 in his pocket and no real master plan to make it as an actor. And no, he didn’t get the Dawson’s Creek part. Moving to Los Angeles was a big risk at a time when no one was looking for mature, square jawed, slightly world weary men. Enter Don Draper and a certain amount of irony. His status as a Hollywood unknown landed him the role of a lifetime as the suit and hat clad personification of an era rapidly losing relevance on a network undergoing seismic shifts itself. Eight seasons, a Golden Globe, and multiple Emmy nominations later, exit Don Draper. And the question becomes: Once your famous for defining a character, how do you avoid being defined by him for the rest of your career? Struggling for years before officially making it on Mad Men and subsequently spending each hiatus wondering if the show would be coming back for another season. Jon Hamm has developed a Draper worthy take on that question. Over the course of his career, he has seen a lot, learned even more, and has a passionate but clear eyed grip on the industry to show for it. This is a man who understands the value of his own hard work and the importance of surrounding himself with people as smart and curious as himself. I think he will be just fine. So pull up a chair and listen in.



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