Off Camera 31 | 6/1/15
Lake Bell

Lake Bell wasn’t discouraged when her first punchline didn't get a laugh. Granted she was two years old and most toddlers aren't easily discouraged but subsequent events indicate it may have had more to do with her steadfast belief in her destiny as a comedic writer and actress and most admirably her willingness to do the work to get there. Though Hollywood called soon after college, she went to England first to train professionally at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Once in LA, she landed a couple of TV shows and could have easily traded on her looks for more but she wanted to write. So she befriended a writer, learned the trade, and wrote a script. Only to have it fall apart shortly before being produced. Undaunted, she went on to write In a World, offered the chance to direct and star in it, she first wrote and directed a new short film just to get the experience she felt she needed. It paid off. In a world mined her own comedic vulnerability and fraught relationships to commercial and critical success. In this episode Lake discusses the family dynamics that spurred her creativity, her love and pathological need for storytelling, the experience of simultaneously starring in and directing in her first feature, and the best writing advice she received along the way.



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