Off Camera 34 | 7/13/15
Lizzy Caplan

You know it’s funny and sometimes not so funny how an actor’s earliest role can influence the rest of their career. Lizzy Caplan’s first acting job was convincing everyone around her that she was just fine when her mother passed away. Caplan was 13 at the time and the tough hold it in and laugh it off persona she cultivated as a result landed her a seemingly endless string of flirty funny side kick roles. Caplan was surprised and disappointed when the toughness she brought to her characters didn’t result in bigger parts. She stuck it out and resigned herself to a career of cool comedies that no one would see. A fate she didn’t mind except for the fact that she knew she could do more. The folks at Showtime finally realized that too and cast her as Virginia Johnson on its break out drama Masters of Sex. Caplan joins Off Camera to discuss the influence of her early childhood on her acting, feminism on and off the screen, and the value of terrifying yourself on a daily basis. And nudity. We discuss nudity. So pull up a chair and listen in.



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