Off Camera 35 | 7/27/15
Chris Moore

You know few jobs demand more skilled straddling of the line between the creative and business sides of an industry than a film producer. And there’s perhaps no one better suited. “Born to” is not a stretch for that unique role than independent producer and independent thinker Chris Moore. After 3 years as a very successful agent, his creative side no longer allowed him to sell scripts he loved. Never to see them until they emerged on screen as almost unrecognizable versions of their former selves. Hooray for Hollywood. He didn’t do badly out of the gate as a producer. Betting bigger than any studio on two unknown screenwriters Matt and Ben who insisted on starring on their own movie. Then he went on to produce films like The Adjustment Bureau and Promised Land and TV shows like Project Greenlight with said unknown writers. Relentlessly curious and original, he’s made somewhat of a career of on-air experiments and taken some heat for them too. The Chair, his latest on-air what if is a fascinating look at what happens to the same story in the hands of two different directors. These are interesting times in filmed entertainment and Moore has seen a sea change in the making, funding, and promoting of it over his career. The embarrassment of riches occasioned by the explosion of film, TV, video choices and the way we watch them has scattered audiences to the point where return on investment is impossible and risk taking is at a minimum. Moore might lament the fickle economics of choice if he wasn’t too busy on working how to reinvent and adapt to them. For starters he thinks filmmakers need to open up their process, focus less on marketing their products, and more on marketing themselves. Well, interesting times call for interesting minds. Call him opinionated, self promoting, or a control freak and also call him if you got a good story because if you do he’s a guy who you want in your corner. He says he got into the business to tell stories about people he would want to hang out with. We loved hanging out with Chris Moore. So pull up chair and listen in.



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