Off Camera 36 | 8/10/15
Rashida Jones

Rashida is someone who has always made her own luck in her career. She figured out early on that creating her own projects puts her in the driver’s seat and as a result she has become a multi-hyphenate creator with a unique voice whose made people take notice. She gets personally involved in socially conscious projects that she believes in and isn’t scared to aim high which is probably why she has been handed the keys to one of Pixar’s beloved movie franchises, Toy Story. She wrote a great film called Celeste and Jesse Forever and had the confidence to not only attach herself as the lead but to refuse to let the studio make the film without her. That takes balls. In this episode, Rashida discusses her relationship with her iconic parents Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, her uncertain transition from academia to acting, what she learned from her time on The Office and Parks and Recreation, and her Steve Carrell produced comedy Angie Tribeca. She also shares her eye opening and sometimes painful experiences producing Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary about the amateur porn film industry. You might want to take your kids out of the room for that one folks.



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